About Me

My name is John. I’m a Embedded Developer. Over the years I’ve dabbled in a lot of side projects. I have a deep interest in making IoT and smart home systems, setting up offline backups of information/Digital archiving, and alternative network technologies.

Contained within is my attempt to chronicle my efforts, share idea and projects, and at the end of the day, teach. I’ve always thought at some point I would like to teach. Lately I realized that there is no barrier to teaching other than what we impose on ourselves. I have a platform, It’s the internet. Please join me and feel free to ask some questions. I’d love to try to answer them, or at least point you in the right direction.



I value my digital privacy. I only want to share information with people who I deem trustworthy enough. I have “Do Not Track” set up on my browsers and you may as well. Firstly, I do not want your information, it’s yours. I do however have an interest in how many people visit my site, from where, and to which posts. This information helps me inform my decisions on what my audience wants to see from me. To that end I have a self hosted analytics suite installed on my server that tracks where clicks came from, what posts they viewed, and for how long. This analytics both respects “Do Not Track” and anonymizes ip addresses. There is no way I can make this an opt-in however if you would like to opt-out click below.