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It’s been awhile since I made my last post. That is to say it’s been awhile since I’ve published my last post. I have been writing several articles however I have yet to publish any.

So here’s a quick recap on whats going on with the projects and what you can look forward to seeing in the future. Yesterday I received a couple of iButton Dallas keys from Dallas Semiconductor, a subsidiary of MAXIM. This goes to pair with the iButton probe sent to me by http://www.rys.sk a Slovakian company. This means in the near future you will see a neat little post about iButtons and 1-wire technologies.

Shortly there will be a nice post about my roommates and I putting together the plasma speaker that I was speaking of in an earlier post. I am in the process of getting some supplies for making circuit boards so that I can make out my own breakout board for the surface mount TL494 chip I have. We were all standing out in front of our house when we saw a Television on the side of the road and decided that it was time to pick it up and pull out the fly-back transformer to use. Since then we created a project jar that would be filled with certain amounts of money depending on a set of rules we made (spill a beer 2$, make a ridiculously stupid comment 25ยข). Within one month we made $27.32 that is helping us pay for all the parts of the speaker.

What else in on my plate? Well I have 3 more projects on the go. One I have been meaning to do for over three years now. A long while ago I stumbled onto something called a Time Fountain. What is does is drip water with a florescent dye in it while illuminating it with a flashing Ultraviolet LED. This causes the illusion of the drips slowing down as if time itself was slowing. Once the strobes sync up with the drips it looks as if time stops, if the strobe is slower than the drip then it looks as if time reverses and the drops drip upwards. I have all the pieces for this but have not had the time to put it all together as of yet. I found a fountain at a local value village which seems like it may be good to work with however if Murphy and his law has anything to say about it I may be wrong.

Another project which kind of goes along with the time fountain is my GArduinio project. The thing is I’m having one hell of a time trying to keep my moss from drying up and dying. I just don’t pay enough attention to it. So if the pump doesn’t work out for the time fountain (which isn’t really a big deal because gravity works just fine) then I will use it to water my moss once the resistance of the soil becomes infinite (it has no water in it). That’s not a priority but could be a lot of fun.

Last but certainly not least MicroControl. Last month a couple of my classmates and I created a site for beginners to learn about microcontrollers and rapid-prototyping platforms. mBed has graciously provided us with one of their units to allow us to better create content geared towards another popular, widely available prototyping platform. I have been in the post production stages of a podcast for the un-boxing and first steps tutorial of the mBed for a few weeks now and will have it completed in awhile.

So that’s just few things to look forward to. I haven’t left of stopped doing things, I’ve just been too busy to talk about them. Not to worry! There will soon be some exciting videos and tutorials. Keep in mind these are just projects in the works. There are several ideas floating around up there and each one of them could potentially be really cool.

I’ll see you when I have something cool to share… I know what you’re thinking… there better be video… there will.

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I do a lot of things. I make, break, code, fix, and upgrade. I have a unique way of thinking about things and a knack for realizing the obvious.

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2 thoughts on “Whats going on in the World today?

  • Cameron Bennett

    John, long time no see, you dropped off the face of the earth when you left rez.

    I have a friend who’s ps3 decided to go kaput, do you still do console repairs?

    • John Warren

      Hey I kinda lost your email adress lol I’m glad you commented! As for console repairs not really. I just looked up how to fix the RROD on Xbox360s so I could get one for cheap and fix it. We still gotta get you a cartoon site going!